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Benedetto P.A.F. Black

Benedetto P.A.F. Black – Standard size, standard mount humbucker that produces a full-bodied tone reminiscent of the original humbuckers designed by Seth Lover in the 50s.

The Benedetto P.A.F. Black is a full sounding humbucker that delivers smooth, fat Jazz tone. This pickup mounts with a standard humbucker mounting ring, and while it is intended for use in the neck position, it works nicely as a bridge pickup as well. Its 8k DC resistance, and alnico 5 bar magnet give a full low end that is balanced by a nice even treble response. Hand built in Santa Barbara, CA, the Benedetto P.A.F. uses an alnico 5 bar magnet, 4-conductor lead wire, and is available with either a gold cover or a black nickel cover.




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