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Universal 6 Position controller

The Quilter The deluxe Universal 6 position foot switch  is an essential accessory for the guitarist providing control over all 6 functions of MicroPro and Steelaire amplifiers.

  • Channel Switching
    Switch from channel 1 to channel 2
  • Boost
    Engage the Boost function
  • Overdrive Limiter
    The unique overdrive limiter function gives you an additional tone preset that you can combine with the mode and boost functions.
  • Tremolo
    Activate the tremolo from the foot controller whenever you need this classic effect.
  • Reverb
    Reverb can be activeted with the foot controller.
  • Effects Loop
    The effects loop works with effects pedals.

A 15 foot, flexible connector cable is included with the foot controller. If the cable becomes lost or damaged, or if you need a longer cable, a standard networking cable can be used

For the Quilter Aviator series choose the standard 2 position foot controller.

When you buy a Quilter Universal 6 Position controller from Quilter Labs, you buy tomorrow’s technology and sound.

More Info From Quilter Labs Here

Universal 6 Position controller

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