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Quilter Steelaire Combo

The Quilter Steelaire Combo. The standard model of the series. But there is really nothing standard about Steelaire Combo. This is innovative technology in an exquisite design featuring the performance and functionality desired by all guitarists, particularly lap and pedal steel guitarists. The amplifier is fitted with a custom neodynamic 15 inch loudspeaker developed for Quilter by Eminence.

The Steelaire combines a high output 15-inch speaker and a full 200 watts power plant to provide new levels of richness and clarity for the steel guitar player and all musicians desiring a big, clean sound. The Steelaire is highly adjustable, allowing the musician to dial in a highly personal sound.

The goal at Quilter Labs is to use the latest power technology to maximize warmth and dynamics without the weight and drawbacks of classic tube technology. No shortcuts have been taken in the design and manufacturing. Every component and circuit is selected solely on the basis of superior results.

The Quiltyer Steelaire Combo delivers a sweet smooth tone, with excellent midrange clarity and a vivid high end. In contrast to our more British-type guitar amps, the overall effect is a very American sound — big and smooth with lots of power.

When you buy a Quilter Steelaire Combo from Quilter Labs, you buy tomorrow’s technology and sound.

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Quilter Steelaire Combo

 Type: Solid State / Analog
Output: 200 watts, 4-8 ohms
Connections: INSTR-1: ¼” mono
INSTR-2: ¼” mono
Impedance: INSTR 1 or 2: 2M ohms
Effects Loop: Output: 4 ohms, 200 W minimum rating
Input: 4-8 ohms, 200 W minimum rating
Speaker: Custom voiced 15” Eminence, neo magnet, 3” voice coil, 300W rating, in open-back cabinet
Speaker Out: Output 1: 4 Ohms, 200 W minimum rating.
Output 2: 4/8 Ohms, 200 W minimum Rating.
Dimensions: (H x W x D) 53,40 x 58,40 x 26,70 cm
Weight: 16,00 kg
Cover:  Yes
Gigbag:  No

INFO-40More Info From Owner´s Manual Here

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