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HENRIKSEN THE FORTE –  This analog hybrid amplifier combines a full plate voltage 12ax7 preamp with our tried and true Henriksen preamp, complete with 5-band EQ, and our analog power amplifier to create an unbelievably responsive and versatile gigging machine. The Forte is capable of cleans up to 117db, with a saturation and input gain control to fine-tune just how you like your tone. The Forte is equipped with a single custom 12″ hemp cone speaker designed specifically for this amplifier, TRS FX loop, reverb and a balanced XLR line out, and IT’S ONLY 28 LBS!

Henriksen Amplifiers: “4 years ago we tried plugging some tube preamps into the analog JazzAmp power board, and we immediately saw the potential for something that has long been missing from the guitar amplifier marketplace; a great tube sound with enough clean head room and bottom end to play jazz without needing to find a volume “sweet spot”. The results are far beyond our expectations!”

Not just for jazz, The Forte can do just about anything you can do – and as a pedal platform, there isn’t a gig or style this can’t cover.

Sean McCowan Testning Production Model #1 of Henriksen´s The Forte Amplifier.



Handling power: 120Watt power
Single channel
Tube preamp: 12AX7
Poweramp: Solid Stage Class-D
5 Band Graphic EQ: 60Hz, 250 Hz, 750 Hz, 2k5Hz, 6k5Hz
Further controls: Input Gain, Saturation, Bass, Treble, Reverb, Master
Connection: 1/4 Jack Input, 1/4″ Jack TRS EFX loop
Speaker: Custom designed 12″ Hemp Cone
Ex Speaker out

Headphone Jack
Dimensions: 51 * 41 * 25,4 cm
Weight: 12.7 kg


DKK 15.000 DKK 9.900
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