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Benedetto S-6 Black

Benedetto S-6 Black – Low profile, naturally voiced, humbucking pickup for acoustic archtop guitars with steel or bronze strings.

The unique Ebonova covers with the embedded Benedetto logo reflect the natural figuring of the guitars tone woods. The S was designed for the purist who plays a true acoustic archtop without a pickup routed into the guitars top. This pickup is naturally-voiced, mirroring the balance, warmth and richness of a fine archtop to help bring out its true acoustic essence. With the S installed, the guitar isnt, strictly speaking, an electric guitar its an amplified acoustic.. Mounts with the little flange the extends underneath the pickguard, where is can be screwed to the top of the guitar.Hand made in Santa Barbara, CA, the S-6 uses an alnico 5 bar magnet, and a single conductor co-axial cable.


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